A trippy experience with VMM+App Controller 2012 SP1

It all started with a clean and nice install of a SQL Server, SCVMM, SCOM and App Controller. All 2012 SP1, all patches. App controller was configured to use Single Sign-On and working fine.

Then came Live Storage Migration and ODX not being disabled. My DBs were gone before I could start a backup. Sigh…

Well, let’s start over. Reinstalled SQL, removed the System Center products from the computers. Installed again, new DBs, all good. App controller gave me some trouble, because it would complain about framework 2.0 or 3.0 not installed while trying to remove it. I was able to do it using the Setup from the CD. See my other post in regards of installing UR3. It is likely related.

VMM also complained about not being able to set the SPNs and gave me the 3 lines to be executed, which I did.

Everything looked good, until I reconfigured single sign-on and started to get the dreadful 1604 error when trying to register a new VMM server. Disabling SSO, I was able to register the server and see all that I was supposed to see. See the forum thread.

Checked SPNs, AD objects, delegation,etc. Reinstalled app controller, called PSS, run network traces, gathered logs…no luck. I read a few times that reinstalling VMM would fix everything, but at this point, with multiple migrations running at same time, VMM could not be uninstalled and reinstalled.

So, I decided to try one thing: set the same delegations that are supposed to be set to the app controller machine (or almost) to the VMM server machine. And guess what? It worked!

Screenshot - 10_2_2013 , 2_43_03 PM

Still waiting to hear from MS whether that could have any side effects, but everything works fine now.

Hope it helps!