DPM 2012 Jobs won’t start on a remote SQL instance

System.IO.FileNotFoundExceptionHad the issue today at a customer site. DPM 2012 R2 using a remote (Clustered) SQL instance. Scheduled a lot of replica creations and nothing happened. Then noticed none of the snapshots were running.

Hum, good lords of Cobol, please help me with this one!

Well, found some interesting articles. First of all, your SQL service account needs to be a sysadmin. This got me started:


Ok, done. But no cigar…

Well, what else. The errors then shifted to some funky .Net exception:


Well, usually this either means that the file is not there (which was not the case, triggerjob.exe was installed along with the SQL Prep) or you don’t have rights, so, let’s go for it: make the service account local admin on the nodes.

Failover and…voi la! Magic works.

I have my jobs back.

Good luck!