SCORCH Invoked Runbook seems to start…but it doesn’t

At a customer site, freshly deployed Service Manager and Orchestrator 2012, both R2.

Service manager would apparently kick off the runbook but it would sort of get stuck. The situation was clearly described here:

Had the same log messages on the PolicyModule.exe log:

<MsgCode>WorkflowContextComProxy::onPolicyInstanceCreated failed</MsgCode>
<Param>Unspecified error</Param>


However, my RunbookService.exe logs were showing something slightly different:


XML Parsing…rings a bell. When I looked further in the line:


There you go! Our simple list had one item that had an Ampersand in it. It it not handled well by orchestrator then your runbooks stops (or never starts), an exception is logged and the console stays in this weird state.

After “fixing” my simple list by removing the ampersand, everything works as expected. I would think it is a bug, since the character is accepted.

Hope it helps!