Documenting Your SCOM 2012 R2 Notifications

Guys, this is a first draft I’m building to document SCOM notifications in HTML format, for a better viewing of the whole. The main reason I wrote this is because I’m taking a different approach with the current customer and creating very specific and directed notifications to avoid alert floods. To accomplish that, I had to cherry pick rules and monitors in the notifications, so, going in and clicking my way through to check whether a rule or monitor was already there was too time consuming.

It may still be missing some very specific configuration, but I think I’m account for the basics, like Severity, Resolution state, rules or monitors, groups.

The script will accept two optional parameters:

.\documentnotifications.ps1 [NotitifcationName] [Output file]

Giving it a notification name will feed the –match condition and will look only for notifications that have that substring in the displayname. The output file is pretty much that. Smile

Not also that there is an internal hardcoded $showdisabled boolean variable to whether document disabled notifications or not.

The script has a lot of space for improvement (just noticed one while writing this) and I will try to update it soon. Planning to create one to export and allow for importing back, for migrations, Dev and UAT environments, etc.

An example of output:


You can find the script here.