A Simple File Share monitoring MP

Recently had a request to implement a simple solution to monitor a path in the network. There are some MPs around, but we had issues with them, so, we needed something simple to accomplish a simple task.

First think the MP will do is discovering watcher nodes and paths to be monitored. The way it does it is by finding a file in a certain folder (C:\FileShareMP\fileshares.txt) and reading its contents. Each server found with that file will be a watcher node and all the paths listed in the file will become objects.

It will then fire up a monitor against these objects and will generate an alert in case the path is not accessible.


The discovery is disabled by default. It could, theoretically be enabled  for all machines, but may not be necessary. Enabled it only for the machines the have the files.

More details:

The Discovery has parameters that can be overridden:


So does the monitor:


Your alerts should look like this:


I have not created a view for the objects, but it can be easily added.


You can find the MP here.


Hope this helps!