The End is near for Windows 2003

I have written about this before, but it is always important to remember that Windows 2003 is quickly approaching End-Of-Line by July 2015. As I have stated before, it is understandable that companies may not want to migrate when an application works fine on Windows 2003. However, that’s no only what matters. There are many aspects like security, features and possibilities of better productivity that should be considered.

Security has always been an issue, with every computer system since the early days of personal computers. With modern operating systems, the role of the manufacturer has gained great importance in making their customers safe. Even this manufactures was still activity researching and correcting the issues, there was always space for Zero-Day vulnerabilities and attacks against the operating system. Can you imagine now, the Microsoft is not going to create new security patches?

Your company, if public or in need to comply with market compliance standards like PCI or others, will need to either mitigate this risk by upgrading your machines or by accepting this risk. Make sure you are really (carefully) measuring the risks of continuing to run business critical applications in Windows 2003.

On the other side, since I have just arrived from Microsoft Ignite, I can see that Microsoft has been putting a great deal of effort on its OS strategy. They want to guarantee a great experience in a very secure environment.

If you have not started, there is always time! Hopefully, before Windows 2k3 goes EOL, you’ll have at least put some thoughts on how to move on with a new Windows OS version.

Please review some resources below and happy migration:


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