Operations Manager 2012 R2 U7 Released

You can get it here! (use IE if you have windows 10).

There’s quite a list of issues solved:

· The home page link in the Web Console Noscript.aspx file is vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS)

·  “Agents by Health State” report shows duplicate entries and inconsistent data

· Dependent tables are not groomed (Event.EventParameter_GUID table)

· Management Packs do not synchronize between management servers

· Leaked transaction causes over 100 SPIDs in SCOM database to be permanently blocked by the “p_DataPurging” stored procedure

· Operations Manager SDK crashes because of SQL errors when QueryResultsReader.Dispose is called

·  You can’t view dashboard performance counters that are created by using the TCP Port Monitoring templateDynamic inclusion rule is added to a group definition unexpectedly if an explicit member instance of the group disappears

·  You can’t create group by using the SQL Server 20XX Installation Seed

· Add MPB support to the SCOM online catalog

· Active Directory Integration in Perimeter Network fails when there is only an RODC present

· System Center Operations Manager subscriptions that use the filter to search for specific text in the description (of the message) do not work

· CLR load order change

· Problems in obtaining monitoring objects by using “managementGroup.EntityObjects.GetObjectReader”

· The “Threshold Comparison” setting in the consecutive-samples-over-threshold monitor cannot be configured

· Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) causes the Health Service to crash because the maximum path length of 248 character is exceeded

· After you update management packs, the newly added default (visible) columns to view are not visible automatically

· Branding update – Updates the “Operational Insights” name to “Operations Management Suite” in the System Center Operations Management console. (yey!)

Here’s my experience installing it:

Downloading the required bits:


The steps are pretty similar to the previous ones:

Supported installation order

We recommend that you install this update rollup package by following these steps in the given order:

  1. Install the update rollup package on the following server infrastructure:
    • Management server or servers
    • Gateway servers
    • Web console server role computers
    • Operations console role computers
  2. Apply SQL scripts (see installation information).
  3. Manually import the management packs.
  4. Apply the agent update to manually installed agents, or push the installation from the Pending view in the Operations console.


1. Let’ start by applying the binaries:


Server first:


Needs restart:


Now Console and Web Console:


2.Applying the SQL Scripts:

First the Operations Manager DB:



Historically, a reboot or stopping the SCOM server helps this query to run smoothly.

Now the DW:


This one is pretty quick.

3.Now the MPs

On my first try, although the setup asked me to reboot to complete the install (some files might have been in use), it failed to update one of the MP files (from C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Operations Manager\Server\Management Packs for Update Rollups)


So, I ended up extracting the visualization mp manuall, but you could probably fix it by running the .msp for the server once more.

4. Last but not least, update the agents:


Some visual signs it worked: