SCSM–A tale of two customizations

imageThis is a story with a happy ending. Not all Service Manager Data Warehouse customization stories end the same way. Embark with me in this incredible journey!

Once upon a time, there was a System Center Service Manager installation that required some customizations. A reference to a list of customers and the scope of the customizations was required. And so it happened. Management Pack 1 was created and implement. Victory!

Months later, filled with courage, a new modification was requested. This time, with new properties and interface customizations. And so it happened. Management Pack 2 came to be.

The previous endeavors, however, were not enough and more customizations were required. To accomplish them, not only new fields needed to be created, but the interface had to be modified. As you may know or not, Service Manager will only support a single management pack with customizations for a certain form. In light of that and considering the prior customizations were not being used fully, it was agreed that part of the previous modifications, MP2, was to be removed and redesigned. And that’s when the problems began.

As soon as MP2 was removed and the Data Warehouse jobs started to run, errors showed up:




And the funny part is that the errors referred to Columns defined on MP1 (not MP2, that was removed) as invalid. That puzzled all the wizards of the realm. Again, since the service requests were not being used fully, it was decided that MP1 and all related MPs were to be removed. To start fresh.

However, that didn’t help. The errors continued. And no data was being loaded into the data warehouse, not even regarding other types of workitems.

In the past, the villagers had asked for the help of the mighty gods of Service Manager and many times had heard: “Thou shalt drop the data warehouse and attach a new one”.

Fearing for the worst, the frightened SCSM admin decided to re-import both management packs. And reboot the DW servers, of course. That had a strange effect. Now the load jobs would run, but still, no transform job. And even more weird was that the properties generating the errors were now the ones defined in MP2:


Despair and fear took over the administrator. The council had already ruled that the best would be to sacrifice 3 years of data to save the daily operations and reporting. In a last and desperate attempt, the SCSM admin removed all the MPs once more. Rebooted the Data Warehouse server. Poured a glass of the finest Ale and waited.

And then the miracle came. No more errors in the data warehouse jobs. All fully synchronized. All the data backlog (8 days) was synchronized successfully. A great relief took over the NOC and all the analysts danced, feasted and drank (soft drinks) all night to celebrate. And they lived happily ever after.

It might not be something that you can do in your installation, but it fixed our problem with the data.

True story.

Hope this helps!

PS: an old enemy was lurking in the dark: the Cubes! But that is another story.